A Little Know-How to Maintain a Truly Great Beard

Growing a beard doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, effort and a lot of patience before you can achieve the beard that you want. Most of the time, it doesn’t grow as you expect it to be. Once you already have the beard of your dream, you would need to put it a lot of work to keep it smelling and looking good. Here are some of the things to need to know to keep your beard in tip-top shape:


Wash It!

Unless you are the type of guy who uses face soap on anything, washing your beard is like washing the hair on top of your head and they both need best beard shampoo. Luckily, there are several beard shampoos out there that use special botanicals to help soften the hair and prevents drying out. In choosing the right one for you, just make sure that you like the smell because you will be the first one to smell it since its right under your nose. (more…)



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