The Half Marathon & 5K races will start at 7am.  Participants can begin to file into their appropriate Start Line corral beginning at 6:00am.  All participants are required to be in their assigned Start Line Corral by 6:45am.

The Half Marathon & 5K races feature a multiple wave start designed to ensure a positive race experience and provide all participants the same opportunity for a smooth and safe start with sufficient room to run along the course. Participants select expected race pace/finish time during registration to assist with start line assignments. There may be multiple waves assigned to a pace.

As a reminder, your official time does not begin until you cross the start line. The timing system provides each participant with an accurate time from the start to finish lines.

Runners expecting to finish the Half Marathon in under 1:35:00 (women) may apply to the Elite Start Area. See standards below and submit qualifying race results to [email protected]

Runners expecting to finish the 5K in under 19:00 (women) may apply to the Elite Start Area.  See standards below and submit qualifying race results to [email protected]

Please note start corrals will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and the number of participants allowed in each corral has yet to be determined. Assignment to a Start Corral is not guaranteed.  The event reserves the right to request verification of past performance for entrance into the first four corrals.

Women’s standards for consideration for access to the Elite Start Area:

5K 10K 15K 10 Miles 13.1 Miles 26.2 Miles
Half Marathon 19:30 41:00 1:05:00 1:11:00 1:35:00 3:16:00
5K 19:00 39:00 1:02:00 1:08:00 1:30:00 3:04:00


How to Submit Proof of Qualifying for Half Marathon & 5K Elite Corral

If you would like to update or change your Half Marathon or 5K Start Corral assignment, you can do so by submitting a qualifying time.  Your qualifying time must have been run on or after January 1, 2012.  The deadline to submit proof of a qualifying time is Thursday, July 31, 2014.

You may submit your qualifying time in one of two ways:

Faxed and e-faxed qualifying times must be in the form of a finisher’s certificate or printout from an online race results page.

E-mailed qualifying times may be sent as an attachment in the form of a finisher’s certificate or printout from an online race results page.  Links to race results will be accepted ONLY if the link is to your individual result.  Your name and finishing time must be the ONLY result appearing on the web page.  Links to general race result pages will NOT be accepted as proof of qualification.

As a reminder, your official time does not begin until you cross the start line. The timing system provides each participant with an accurate time from the start to finish lines.

Course Time Limit

The course will remain open for 3.5 hours (approximately 15 minutes/mile) for the half marathon and 50 minutes (approximately 16 minutes/mile) for the 5K from the time the last group of runners has crossed the start line.  Each participant’s bib number must be clearly visible on the front of the torso at all times and is required for crossing the finish line.

Aid Stations

There are 8 Aid Stations located along the half marathon course and one aid station on the 5K course.  Each Aid Station includes: Water, Gatorade Endurance Formula, port-o-lets and medical support.  LUNA Minis will be featured at Aid Stations #4 and #7.


The Chicago Women’s Half Marathon and 5K is using the Chronotrack B-Tag Timing System.  The timing system provides each participant with an accurate time from the start to the finish line.  Individual timing tags are affixed to the back of each bib number.  Leave the tags on the back of the bib number and wear the bib number on your front torso, so that it is clearly visible on the outside of your clothing.

Please ensure the following in order to receive an accurate time:

  • Race bib is clearly visible on the front of the torso
  • Race bib is unaltered and unmodified (do not fold or wrinkle)
  • Race bib is pinned in all four corners
  • Race bib is not covered (jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.)

Course Clocks and Mile Markers

Course clocks will be located at each mile marker on the 5K and half marathon courses respectively, as well as the Start and Finish Lines.  Timing mats will be located at the Start Line, 10K split (half marathon only) and Finish Line.

Course Safety, Event Rules and Guidelines

To ensure everyone’s safe enjoyment of these events, please adhere to the following: no dogs, bicycles, strollers, baby joggers, roller skates, in-line skates or unauthorized wheeled vehicles will be permitted on the Half Marathon or 5K course.

All participants must follow the official event rules and guidelines of the Chicago women’s Half Marathon & 5K.  Rules and guidelines should be reviewed in their entirety prior to race day.

Click here for the complete event rules.

Chicago Endurance Sports Race Day Pace Team

As an added benefit to the participants of The Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon we will be offering event pace groups led by the experienced Chicago Endurance Sports Pace Team.  The Pace Team provides even splits and camaraderie amongst runners striving to reach similar goals. These pacers support a range of runners, from those finishing their first half marathon to those who are looking for a new PR.

Who makes up the Pace Team?

The team is made up of professional pacers who pace Chicago Endurance Sports training programs and target races. These pacers have been around the racing block several times and have impressive racing resumes. Our pacers are vibrant and personable, and know from past experience exactly what it takes to help you have a great race experience.

What Pace Groups are offered?

We offer pace groups based on a wide range of ability levels.

1:45 (approx. 8 min/mile)
1:50 (approx. 8:30 min/mile)
2:00 (approx. 9 min/mile)
2:10 (approx. 10 min/mile)
2:20 (approx. 10:30 min/mile)
2:30 (approx. 11:30 min/mile)
2:30 (approx. 11:30 min/mile r/w)
2:45 (approx. 12:30 min/mile r/w)

What pace group should I be in?

The best way to select the proper pace group is to consult the Race Prediction Calculator. There you can base your desired finish time on a previous race you’ve completed this season. To achieve optimal performance, the key is not to start out too fast in this endurance event and to select the proper pace based on your actual previous performance.

What does it cost to run with the Pace Team?
The Pace Team is free to all registered Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon participants!

How do the pacers run the race? 
Every pace leader will be holding even splits throughout the race. These “even splits” are the best way to achieve your best performance in the race.

Will the pacers start out on pace exactly? How do they do that!? 
The pace leaders are very experienced and know their pace well. Sometimes at the start it’s crowded and they may take a mile or two to settle into a steady pace. They will help you start nice and easy to help you save energy for the later miles. This is VERY important for successful racing

Where will my pace leader be on race morning? 
Approximately 30 minutes before the start the pace leaders will be arriving in their starting corral. Pacers will be holding signs to make spotting them easy.  Each pacer will be holding up their pace sign so it is visible above the crowd.  See chart above for corral numbers of each pacer.

Will the pace leaders stop at the water stations?
The pacer will usually slow down or walk through the water stops.  Approximately 10 minutes before the start, the pacer will give guidance on race strategy and how they will handle aid station stops.

Will there be pace leaders for me if I’ve trained using the Run/Walk Method?
You can use the pace leader as a guide even if you’re using the run-walk routine. You will be meeting up with the pace leader regularly throughout the race, running ahead and then walking behind.

If I join a pace group, do I have to stay with them for the entire race?
No you don’t. However, if you feel great at the start of the race that’s normal and you should stay with the group through the halfway point. Then you can evaluate how you feel and decide if you have extra energy to move forward or move a little slower.  If you are not feeling great, slow down. It’s a long race and you will need to self evaluate your plan mile to mile during the race. This is normal for endurance running.