Chicago Endurance Sports (CES) is the official training partner of The Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon & 5K.  Whether you are an experienced runner looking to take a minute off of your personal record, or a new runner aspiring to conquer a new distance for the first time, The Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon Training Program can help you accomplish your goals. Join the group training together, to run together on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. We believe it’s all about the journey, and we want to make your experience special.

Registration will be available soon!

Program Features

  • 12-week customized training schedule
  • Group Runs twice weekly at Fleet Feet Sports – Chicago locations
  • Experienced half marathon CES Coaches available to instruct in person and via e-mail
  • CES Pace Team (the Official Pace Team on race day) provides pacing assistance on the long runs
  • Access to CES Hospitality Tent which include race-day packet pickup, private gear check and bathrooms
  • All participants receive exclusive CES Spring Training premium

Training Days, Times & Locations

The Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon Training Program is available at Fleet Feet Sports-Chicago stores. This gives us a safe place to start, gear check for your personal belongings, clean indoor washrooms and a fun place to return to with your friends after the long runs!

Group training sessions are held twice/week at each location. A midweek speed and strengthening workout, and a weekend training paced long run.

Specific group training dates/times and locations will be announced soon!

If you have any questions, please email Chicago Endurance Sports.

Chicago Endurance Sports Race Day Pace Team

As an added benefit to the participants of The Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon we will be offering event pace groups led by the experienced Chicago Endurance Sports Pace Team. The Pace Team provides even splits and camaraderie amongst runners striving to reach similar goals. These pacers support a range of runners, from those finishing their first half marathon to those who are looking for a new PR.

Who makes up the Pace Team?
The team is made up of professional pacers who pace Chicago Endurance Sports training programs and target races. These pacers have been around the racing block several times and have impressive racing resumes. Our pacers are vibrant and personable, and know from past experience exactly what it takes to help you have a great race experience.

What Pace Groups are offered?
We offer pace groups based on a wide range of ability levels.

1:45 (approx. 8 min/mile)
1:50 (approx. 8:30 min/mile)
2:00 (approx. 9 min/mile)
2:10 (approx. 10 min/mile)
2:20 (approx. 10:30 min/mile)
2:30 (approx. 11:30 min/mile)
2:30 (approx. 11:30 min/mile r/w)
2:45 (approx. 12:30 min/mile r/w)


What pace group should I be in?
The best way to select the proper pace group is to consult the Race Prediction Charts. There you can base your desired finish time on a previous race you’ve completed this season. To achieve optimal performance, the key is not to start out too fast in this endurance event and to select the proper pace based on your actual previous performance.

What does it cost to run with the Pace Team?
The Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon & 5K offers this to all participants at no cost!  The Pace Team will pace for the half marathon distance only.

How do the pacers run the race? 
Every pace leader will be holding even splits throughout the race. These “even splits” are the best way to achieve your best performance in the race.

Will the pacers start out on pace exactly? How do they do that!? 
The pace leaders are very experienced and know their pace well. Sometimes at the start it’s crowded and they may take a mile or 2 to settle into a steady pace. They will help you start nice and easy to help you save energy for the later miles. This is VERY important for successful racing

Where will my pace leader be on race morning? 
Approximately 30 minutes before the start the pace leaders will be arriving in their starting corral. Pacers will be holding signs to make spotting them easy. Each pacer will be holding up their pace sign so above the crowd. See chart above for corral numbers of each pacer.

Will the pace leaders stop at the water stations?
The pacer will usually slow down or walk through the water stops. Approximately 10 minutes before the start, the pacer will give guidance on race strategy and how they will handle aid station stops.

Will there be pace leaders for me if I’ve trained using the Run/Walk Method?
You can use the pace leader as a guide even if you’re using the run-walk routine. You will be meeting up with the pace leader regularly throughout the race, running ahead and then walking behind.

If I join a pace group, do I have to stay with them for the entire race?
No you don’t. However, if you feel great at the start of the race that’s normal and you should stay with the group through the halfway point. Then you can evaluate how you feel and decide if you have extra energy to move forward or move a little slower. If you are not feeling great, slow down. It’s a long race and you will need to self evaluate your plan mile to mile during the race. This is normal for endurance running.